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Where Can I Buy Used CtP Computer to Plate Machines, Systems and Prepress Equipment?

Pre-owned second hand CtP systems for sale to printers and dealers worldwide. Delivered to any country direct from the United Kingdom.

Manufacturers of prepress direct to plate systems: Kodak, AGFA, Screen, Heidelberg, Creo, Fuji, Highwater, ECRM and Luscher

Computer to plate equipment is mainly acquired from printing companies in the U.K. who are upgrading their machinery.
These ctp machines have been well looked after and usually previously maintained under the manufacturers service agreements.
We thoroughly clean, check and test all the used ctp equipment before offering it for sale in full working order, ready for delivery and installation in your premises anywhere in the world.

Equipment Available


Request Current Stock and Price List

If you do not see what you require please call or send an email. We can advise on used computer to plate machines becoming available.


B3 2012 Heidelberg Suprasetter A52, only 3700 plates from new, wash unit, Prinect workflow, Metadimension RIP RIP/PC 

B2 2002 Screen 4000, prepress autoloader, conveyor, Lastra Processor, stacker, Trueflow RIP/PC

B2 2007 Heidelberg Suprasetter A74, autoloader, conveyor, stacker, processor, Prinect workflow, Metadimension RIP RIP/PC 

B2 1999 Heidelberg CREO Trendsetter 3230, 20mw only 262 laser on hours, wash gum unit, RIP/PC

B2 2005 Highwater Python, 30 mwatt violet CTP, On-line Heights Inca 80P polymer processor, Q2 spooler software, Harlequin RIP/PC,

B1 2002 Fuji 9600VX with autoloader 3 cassettes, dual beam lasers, On-line Fuji FLP 1260 processor, conveyor, stacker, Celebrant RIP/PC

B1 2000 Kodak/Creo Lotem 800V, fully Refurbished, 24 laser diodes, Variable Resolution 2400/2540 DPI, single cassette, Stacker and back board, New Dell PC/RS RIP/ Monitor & Keyboard

B1 2001 Screen 8600 with multi-cassette, processor and RIP/PC Max Plate:1160x940mm, Min Plate :500x370mm

B1 2008 Screen 8800III with multi-cassette, processor and RIP/PC Max Plate:1160x940mm, Min Plate :500x370mm


B1 2007 AGFA Azura C125 Thermal plate Wash Unit

AGFA Avalon LF XT    2007  B1 Autoloader, wash gum unit and stacker, AGFA Print Drive Tiff catcher

Kodak Lotem 400 Quantum CTP System   2005  B2  Square Spot, 40W head  6500 laser hours with multi-cassette autoloader

Heidelberg Creo Trendsetter 3244  1999   20 mw laser   Autoloader   Print Consol tiff catcher  Air Centre/compressor YouTube
Heidelberg Prepress Suprasetter 105s   2004 B1  multi-cassette loader,   720mm punch, wash gum unit, stacker, metashooter
Screen 4300s B2 CTP System   2005   100 Plate Autoloader  Conveyor and Stacker  Trueflow RIP/PC  Bacher 520mm Internal punching
Heidelberg B1 Prosetter 102 For Sale, Second Hand    Manufactured 2005 manual loading    30 mwatt violet laser  Bacher 720mm Internal Bacher punching   Heights 0ff-line polymer processor  Metashooter Tiff catcher vers. 2.2, Metadimension RIP vers.5.2/PC 
Used Screen 4000 Mk2 Thermal CTP   2002 Screen 4000 MK2 B2 Semi-automatic Platesetter   Fast 17 Plates per hour   32 Laser Diodes   Internal punching Bacher 425mm   PS 26 compact stacker, Harlequin vers.8 PC RIP
Heidelberg B2 Suprasetter A75   Manufactured 2008, integrated top autoloader with slip sheet removal  Only 7619 plates since new, laser on exposure time 329 hours  Bacher 425mm Internal punching   HPC oil free air compressor  Prinect work station. Vers.4 Metashooter Media Kit   Metashooter 52/75 Licence  PDF  print engine 4 up  PDF Print engine 8 up proofing  Wash Gum Unit and stacker

Heidelberg B2 Suprasetter A74   Manufactured 2008 manual loading/semi automatic, conveyor/auto process from the rear   Only 5,240 plates since new, laser on exposure time 358 hours   Bacher 425mm Internal punching   Wash gum unit and stacker

Screen 4100 Thermal CTP   2002 Screen 4100 fully automatic Platesetter    50 plate autoloader and spare cassette stacker   Only 70,684 plates, Internal punching Bacher 425mm    Screen Trueflow RIP version6/PC, imposition/trapping ...

Heidelberg Topsetter 74 Semi-Automatic   2002 Heidelberg Topsetter 74 B2 Platesetter (Screen Engine)  Manual Plate loading  Bacher Internal punching for  Heidelberg SM/74   Kodak 850 On-line processor, conveyor & stacker  Top connect Metashooter v2/ PC platform

Screen 4000  Direct to plate, DtP 2001 B2 Platesetter  Single Cassette Autoloader Bacher Internal punching for Heidelberg SM/74/52  G&Jensen PT85  On-line processor, conveyor & stacker

Heidelberg Topsetter 74 Multi Autoloader    2001 Heidelberg Topsetter 74 B2 Platesetter (Screen Engine) Multi 3 cassette autoloader Bacher Internal punching for Heidelberg SM/74  Kodak 850 On-line processor, conveyor & stacker  Top connect Metashooter v2/ PC platform

CREO Lotem 400v   (2001) Multi-cassette unit, conveyor, stacker, Brisque RIP
CREO Lotem 800S   (2003) Dual Plate Cassette, Bacher Punch, Debris Removal Unit Brisque RIP
CREO Lotem 800v   B1 (2001),Kodak Mercury 850 On-line processor, stacker, B1 Plate Cassette, Bacher Punch, GTO Option, Brisque RIP
CREO Trendsetter 3244VF Spectrum    B1, only 2854 laser hours, Brisque Impose RIP vers. 5. G&Jensen 85D off-line processor.
AGFA Palladio,   B2 (2000), Bacher Punch, Auto plate delivery/trolley, on-line processor, stacker, Apogee RIP/ Printdrive workflow
AGFA Galileo VXT,    B1 (2004), auto plate delivery, on-line processor
AGFA Xcalibur 45S   Direct to plate, (2003) Auto Plate delivery AGFA/G&J Autolith TP105 Processor

AGFA Autolith TP 85   (2003) B2 Thermal Processor

Kodak 850 G&J   Direct Thermal Printing Plate (2002) B2 Thermal Processor

G&Jensen Raptor   (2003) B2 Thermal Processor

Kodak Mercury1250  (2001) G&J B1 Thermal Processor

Universal B1 Plate punch

Prices quoted on application. 
The price or cost for packing and delivery is included with the quote.
We are happy to quote for packing and freight. Prices on application.
All equipment is cleaned, checked
, properly de-commissioned and locked down for safe transport to you by our engineers

For a firm price quote or advice on which prepress computer to plate system will best suit your needs or to place an order, please phone Graham Thompson on 01202 430733 NOW!
or +44 1202 430733 from outside the UK

If the machine you are searching for is not listed above please phone Graham or send your requirements by email. There are many high quality manufacturer- maintained computer to plate systems becoming available in the coming weeks.

 Next Step:  For a quote, advice on, or to place an order for our
 used computer to plate systems
or if you have equipment that you want to sell,
please phone Graham Thompson
 on 01202 430733
or 44 1202 430733 if calling from outside the UK
or mobile 07854 091094 or 44 7854 091094 if calling from outside the UK
or send an email

Matoria Ltd
8 Iford Close, Bournemouth, England, BH6 5NL
United Kingdom
Tel 01202 430733 (International 44 1202 430733)
Fax 01202 257709
(International 44 1202 257709)
Mobile 07854 091094 (International 44 7854 091094)

Matoria Ltd is a limited company registered in England. Number 5435728

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Graham Thompson deals with all enquiries and orders
Matoria Pre-Press Systems Based in the UK, exporting worldwide

Matoria Pre-Press Systems

We will send you our regular monthly stock list, special offers, news and updates


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Heidelberg Trendsetter

Agfa Avantra 30


Matoria factory

Refurbished machines awaiting despatch

Graham Thompson checking a shipment

All machines are well packed and strapped on to individual, custom made, strong pallets and checked by Graham Thompson for shipping worldwide. More details Click Here

CTP Computer to Plate Systems Wanted
Do you have CTP computer to plate prepress systems that you want to sell? If so, please phone Graham Thompson on
01202 430733
or +44 1202 430733 from outside the UK
or send an

WANTED, Used CTP Computer to Plate, Direct to Plate Prepress Equipment and ImageSetters Bought For Cash.

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Would you like to be kept informed about our current list of used computer to plate equipment and prices?

We will send you our regular monthly stock list, special offers, news and updates


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The following ctp machines have been recently sold:  If the machine you are seeking is not in this list, please feel free to phone Graham as we may be expecting to take delivery of a similar one soon.

Heidelberg Topsetter 74P  SOLD  B2 (2004) Single Autoloader G&J On-line Processor Conveyor stacker
AGFA Avantra 30, SOLD  B2 (1999), On-line Short Processor, Harlequin PC/RIP
Creo Dolev 800v  SOLD  B1 (1998) Hope on-line processor, Bacher punch, Brisque RIP

BARCO Megasetter Plus 300S SOLD (1999) Large format imagesetter, On-line G&J Processor, RIP

AGFA Avantra 44S SOLD  B1 1999, on-line short processor, Harlequin RIP

 Heidelberg Topsetter 74, SOLD  prepress 100 plate single autoloader, B2 2002, Kodak Mercury 850 on-line processor, conveyor and stacker, Heid.74 & GTO punch

Signasetter Pro, SOLD B1 1999, G&Jensen On-line Processor, Delta 6 RIP

Heidelberg Creo Trendsetter 3230 SOLD  B2 2000, Kodak 850 Mercury Processor, Delta PC RIP

Fuji Celix 4000,  SOLD  B3 1996, Harlequin 5. 3.4 Navigator Xitron RIP/PC, G&J online processor

B1 1999 AGFA Avantra 44S SOLD On-line short processor, Harlequin RIP

Highwater Platinum SOLD  B2 (2002) Harlequin PC RIP         

Screen FTR 1050 FlatriteSystem, SOLD B2 (2000), Autoplate delivery, 50 plate trolley, Bacher Punch (SM74), On-line AGFA LP82 Processor, stacker, HQ RIP

B1 2000 CREO Trendsetter 3244 Spectrum v speed,  SOLD  2754 laser hours, Brisque Impose RIP vers. 5. G&Jensen 85D off-line processor.

Used AGFA Galileo VXT For Sale  SOLD

Screen 4000 Mk2 SOLD  B2 2001, manual feed, stacker, screen card and cable

Matoria Ltd buy, sell, import and export all types of pre-owned used second hand prepress CTP computer to plate prepress systems and equipment including litho plate makers and lithographic plate making equipment.

Matoria Ltd are used reprographic imagesetting equipment suppliers and deliver reprographic equipment and services in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and throughout the UK.

Matoria Ltd buys, sells, imports and exports high quality reconditioned, refurbished, second hand CTP computer to plate systems covering all countries in Europe but specialising in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and the Ukraine. Matoria has many customers in the Middle East in Syria, UAE Lebanon, and Israel as well as China, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines. Maintenance contracts available in England Ireland Scotland and Wales.